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The most common complaint about restaurants is not the food or the décor. It’s the service. RECS is your simple but ingenious solution. If you wish to offer the best in customer service, you’ve got to have RECS.

RECS is useful not only in restaurants, but anywhere that money is made by providing service exactly when and where it is needed within the premises of a particular establishment, such as a night club or a resort. RECS also allows establishments where people seat themselves out of the normal line-of-sight from wait staff (such as cafes with outdoor terraces) to know when customers arrive and wish to order.

RECS significantly increases the level of customer satisfaction by addressing two major issues to which you can probably relate: everyone's been in a restaurant and felt ignored by their server, and everyone’s been in a restaurant and felt interrupted or bothered by their server.

RECS also helps you to serve guests faster, increase table-turns and reduce walk-aways.

Not only does RECS increase customer satisfaction, making customers more likely to come back, and to do so more often, and encouraging people who never used this system before to come for the first time; RECS also increases the average amount ordered per guest, especially of such things as alcoholic beverages and deserts, and RECS increases the efficiency with which servers work, and more than any waiter-light or flag can do (which still require waiters to come by and look), so each server can service more tables, and so
up to 40% fewer servers are required. All of this together is why some restaurants report as much as a 25% increase in profits after employing our system, and all the establishments that have purchased RECS whom we have asked have answered that it pays for itself.


Because RECS’s effect is achieved primarily through increasing server efficiency, even the smallest establishment with at least one server will benefit from its use.


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