The central receiving unit is a control terminal that can be located at a waiter station, in the kitchen, at the host's desk, or wherever else may be convenient. This device can optionally sound an alert notifying that a call has been received, and it will display the number of the call bell, which in restaurants is usually coordinated with the table number, requesting service. This is also where the call is cleared once it has been taken care of, and where interaction with the call bells (such as assigning the numbers to them, or receiving an alert that one of them has a low battery) takes place. If you order call bells with table numbers on them, the call bells can be pre-programmed into the receiving terminal, and all that you must do when it arrives is plug it in, and RECS is ready to operate. The receiving terminal requires an antenna* and a 12V DC power adaptor. Only one receiving terminal is needed for up to 99 call bells. You can choose from any of the three keypads shown in the picture above, on either of the two plastic cases—white or black.


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*If you choose to use an antenna not sold by us, RECS’s range of operation may be less than advertised.