For restaurant use, our call bells are typically placed on—or attached to—each  table. When a client wants his or her server, he or she presses the button of a call bell, which sends an RF signal to the central receiving terminal. The call bell also flashes briefly when pressed to confirm that the call has been sent—the waiter is on his way.


We offer call bells of stained or painted wood as well as call bells of durable scratch-resistant plastic in a variety of semi-transparent colors (among the most popular being red and blue) and amber-tinted transparent ones with multi-color LEDs (which looks very nice in a low-light environment) sparkling to confirm the call is sent. All call bells come with 9V batteries already installed, and these typically last for around three years, depending on the frequency of use. Our call bells are waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about spilled drinks damaging them.


In order for the wait staff to more easily identify tables, we can label the call bells with gold or black numbers. (Other colors available upon request.)


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