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The administrator terminal (top) is a new addition to our product line. It is similar to the receiving terminal, but it directly controls numeric displays (bottom) or TV feeds through user input instead of receiving and relaying a call bell's signal.

In restaurants, this allows for modern implementation of a couple of old ideas: order-number lights like in diners, and having customers take a number.

The new administrator terminal can be used to make it easier to seat guests. For this purpose, when parties enter a restaurant, they would be given two-digit number, in order of their arrival, for example, from a number-ticket dispenser. When a guest sees his or her party's number on one of the overhead display panels, the party would go to be seated. This application provides a guest-paging solution without the need to purchase coaster pagers, which are not only more costly, but often get stolen, broken, or lost. And with numbers being displayed on an indicator panel, customers get a better idea of how much longer they need to wait.

Numbers appearing on the display panel can signal a customer when his or her order is ready. In the same way, this could be used to notify servers about completed orders from the kitchen. As with more expensive server-paging systems and order-number lights produced for pre-fabricated diners, this means a server would be able to spend less time in the kitchen and more with the patrons. It allows restaurants that don't want our wireless call bells to still get improvements in service speed, average check sizes, and waiter efficiency. That means reduced labor expenses, more customer-server interaction, building better customer relations, not to mention higher tips, not just per server, but overall.


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