From the central receiving terminal, a call bellís number can optionally be relayed to a
wall-mounted indicator panel (digital LED display), located anywhere where the wait staff will be able to routinely look at it, or routed to a TV or a paging system, which sends the table number to a numerical pager worn by the table's server.

Using our numeric display panels is more cost-effective than having individual server pagers, and utilizing individual wireless pagers for each server has not been shown to further improve profitability beyond what an indicator panel with the call bell system can do. Also, it is much less of a hassle to set up (a transmitter would require programming for the parameters of each pager) and maintenance (pagers break, their batteries die, reprogramming is then required, etc.).

It's also possible, and most efficient in smaller dining establishments (for example, a little cafe with just one waiter), to use neither a display nor pagers. The receiver can sound an alert when a call is received and displays the table needing service.



The indicator consists of a basic display panel, which can display up to two two-digit numbers, plus up to four additional modular display blocks, each allowing for the display of an additional two-digit number.

A cord is required to connect the receiving terminal to the display panel. Itís length must be determined based on where you wish to place the receiver and display.


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